Innovation Awards

Award programs to recognize external innovation.

Innovation Lab Tour

A tour shows the inner workings of an innovation facility.

Internship Program

An opportunity for students who are interested in new technologies.

Innovation Showcases / Demos

An Innovation Showcase / Demo is at least a day-long experience that inspires clients and helps them to dream big.

Lab Access

Free Lab access to all interested parties.

Co-hosting Innovation Events

Joint-initiatives for events established between Innovation Lab and third parties.

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Exchange Programs

The Innovation Lab provides / gets access to the laboratories and research facilities belonging to partners.

Visioning workshops

A visioning workshop is designed to help target stakeholders identify and capitalize on digital opportunities and enhance their digital strategies.

Ideation Workshops

This type of event helps answer critical business questions through strategic design thinking and ideation.

Open Innovation Platform

Implementation of open innovation platform will allow to have one source of information for communication between Innovation Lab and interested parties (e.g. partners, startups, students)

Orthodoxies Exercises

An Orthodox is a deeply held and widely shared conviction or belief about the product, market, or industry.


Challenges are an efficient way to tap into collective knowledge; they are also useful to engage teams to think creatively about innovation themes.


Hackathons bring together diverse groups of people from different disciplines and cultures, to solve problems in as little as 48 hours.

Design Sprint

A design sprint is used to address a business challenge in a 4-8 week project which includes a 3-5 day workshop through which clients arrive at solutions to critical business questions.

Innovation Training

Dedicated training sessions to boost creativity, brainstorm techniques and advance innovation capabilities

Prototype & MVP Development

Rapid Prototyping is a 6-week project where a multi-disciplinary team develops a prototype with target stakeholders involvement, concept evaluation and user testing.

Expert Network

Expert network that provides clients with access to carefully vetted experts.

Thought Leadership Immersion

A session where Innovation Lab present insights and provokes discussion on the current competitive, consumer and / or technology changes shaping the market in focus.

Joint Innovation Projects

Creating and managing a joint innovation program with third parties to create new products or services.

Prove It

Lean approach to gather target stakeholder relevant data and prove business case at scale.

Technology IP Advisory

Professionals with deep experience and knowledge of technology intellectual property advisory.

Business and Operating Model Design Support

When target stakeholders want support to develop the organization’s business and operating model based on a proven innovation.

Innovation Lab Newsletter

Proactively share ideas and industry best practices, market trends analysis.

Technology Policy Review

Providing an objective evaluation of the current country’s legal, regulatory and institutional framework and underlying policy from a technology perspective.