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Innovation Lab Philosophy

TASMU Innovation Lab places innovation at the heart of Qatar’s challenges.

With a vision to create an open and inclusive environment, to access, explore, ideate and develop tangible outcomes in focused areas on emerging technologies. Leveraging on the ever growing R&D ecosystem in the State of Qatar, the TASMU Innovation Lab will act as an orchestrator amongst the government, researchers and the technology industry. The TASMU Innovation lab will bring current challenges identified by the government to the innovation ecosystem to solve those challenges alongside our technology partners leveraging on their industry expertise and solutions.

The Innovation lab aims to create a learning experience designed to give participants access to knowledge, insights and advanced tools required to further their exploration through accessing numerous sources of data to improve their decision-making. In addition to having access to data, the Innovation Lab will host collaborative events to members who will gain preferential access to initiatives. As a space the Innovation lab houses three important area; Demos will displayed to emphasize the latest tech in a particular industry or a sector to encourage researchers, government entities to think big.


Raise the profile of Qatar as a technology innovation hub that focuses on enhancing Digital transformation to serve national priorities and stimulate the local innovation ecosystem to deliver national outcomes.


Create an enabling environment for collaborative research development and adoption of innovative solutions that address national priorities by orchestrating the national innovation ecosystem and providing an open lab concept for the community.

Objectives of the Lab

Consolidate private sector capabilities

to enable the development, adoption and commercialization of innovative technology

Prioritize innovation efforts

and define periodic focus based on national priorities

Provide Innovation-as-a-service

for the government of Qatar, supporting the innovation procurement pipeline

Develop knowledge assets

to support advanced innovation

Develop national innovation policy

to enable the adoption and commercialization of innovative technology

Engage the local and global

innovation ecosystem and open doors for collaboration

Innovation Management Process

In essence, this capability is about bringing a lean model and practical approach to help priority sectors innovate around their key challenges, from ideas to outcomes

Key Challenges Challenges
from priority


Apply a human centered approach to brainstormand ideate to solve key challenges


Select ideas for futher development

Involve experts, citizens and external stakeholders
Develop & Prototype
Rapid Prototype
User Test
Assess pilots outcomes

Decide if idea should be scaled

Scale successful pilots

Scale and measure delivered value

Focus Areas


Foundational Technologies

Foundational Technology Developments

  • 3D Printing
  • Mobile Robots
  • AR/VR
  • 5G
  • Edge
  • Cloud
  • Quantum
  • Machine
  • Real time Transport Management
  • Dynamic Traffic Light Control
  • Bus Management System
  • Supply Chain Control Tower
  • Warehouse Robotics
  • Industrial 3D Printing
  • Electronic Health Records
  • Patient Digital Care Plan
  • Health Information Exchange
  • Robotics in Farming
  • Water Operations Analytics
  • Digital Farming
  • Exergaming
  • Augmented Reality Gym
  • Robotics Enhanced Training

Innovation Spaces


Tajarob is a workshop that allows the innovation lab. Teams to experiment with their concepts, products and prototypes when an idea is matured enough, this is the space where it can be put to test


The AR/VR Roomis a mixed reality development lab that is dedicated to using the latest technology to create mixed reality solutions. The space is designed to achieve the purpose of an open space that is modular to utilize space in the most effiient way.


A room specially created for the purpose of training with modular furniture and teleconference setup


A kitchenette, with an awesome view and a few tables to socialize and ideate while having a snack.


The space where the solutions and demos will be exhibited by the Lab’s partners


A digitally enabled conference room , where meetings and discussions can take place.

  • NUMU

    Even the largest trees sprout from the tiniest seed. Numu is an area where inspiration and ideas are being conceived. The unique seating area adorned with an emerging tree is the right kind of stimulus every ingenious mind craves for. The visual of the tree will be a constant reminder of the growth and success your ideas will see in the near future.


Only through hard work and dedication will you be able to reach your objective.

Injaz Is a collaborative working space that is designed to be an open yet provides the necessary privacy for the innovation Lab Teams. The workspace also hosts the technology that promotes collaboration, creation and innovation.


    Progress can only be driven by change. Ibtikar is an area which endorses the idea of Innovation with the help of the latest technological tools encouraging knowledge-sharing and improvement.


    Human conversations spark ideas which in return ignite solutions. Niqash is a discussion area where you can sit down and have a chat. This networking space aids in bringing diverse people to converse and imagine various possibilities together.


    Great concepts are sculpted with the right focus and attention. Tarkiz is an area where the on-wall standing desks let you have a moment to yourself, by turning your back on all the noise and clutter around you, clear your mind and get the needed concentration to push your ideas further.


    Together, we can only do better. Musharaka is an area of communication and collaboration. The convenient whiteboard walls allow for idea sharing with our teammates and brainstorming enhancements and overall solutions together.

Ilab Team

Sarah Khalid Al-Hussaini

Project Manager

Noof Al-Haddad

Project Coordinator

Research Partners