The project work to develop a dashboard called TAWASOL (meaning communication) to monitoring social media posts relevant to different modes of public transport as well as the hosting of major events. The dashboard will apply different machine learning techniques to analyze and extract commuters’ feedback in real time to enable the entities operating them to better understand their customers, quickly respond to their requests and improve their services, depend on QCRI expertise in machine learning, big data analytics and natural languages.


TAWASOL will monitor feedback ranging from traffic snarls, safety concerns, a late bus to crowd issues at a football game. Areas of exploration will include sentiment analysis and opinion mining, content classification and topic modeling, geolocation and the development of an intelligent events dispatcher. TAWASOL will support all major spoken languages in Qatar, including Arabic, English and regional dialects.

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Team behind this project

Dr. Sofianne Abbar

Senior Software Engineer

Noora Al-Emadi

Senior Software Engineer