The country’s population is increasing day by day due to the development of Qatar. By increasing the population, traffic have become a problem as in such situations, the traffic does not only waste time but it can lead to loss of lives due to the difficulty of emergency cars such as ambulances reach the wounded or the ill fast. The solution to that particular problem is the delivery drone. The drone delivery is under an autonomous system with 4G network that guide the location of the drone. The application of this particular drone is a medical aspect and it can help with security. The drone will not just be able to deliver medicine; it will also have an audio communication where we can live communicate with the injured patient. In addition, the drone will have a professional camera where the controller will have an overview of the unfortunate accidents and situations.


It will also include a box that will ensure a practical delivery. The box will be insulated and have the temperature controlled because some of the items delivered need a certain temperature. Also, a servo motor on the box for the lock and unlock mechanism. The drone will also contain a hook that can pick and drop items. This will benefit the hospital in case of accidents where they can estimate the number of injured people and send enough ambulances to their stations. In addition, in case of a car accident, this will benefit the ministry of interior to have a report of each situation faced daily. Especially, it will help the citizens in Qatar to get fast response of medicine and help in lessening the congestion of traffic due to accidents.

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